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Reiki Bless You Foundation


Reiki Bless You Foundation is providing solution for every problems with Reiki & Mind Power Courses & Healings

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Student Testimonial- Reiki Grand Master Dr Puran Sharma is an International Trainer in terms of Reiki and various other healing modalities which he does in a distance learning format. This is a 30 Days Practical Course and so beautifully designed to get positive results that it also carries 100% satisfaction Guarantee. This 30 days Reiki and Mind Power Course is very unique, user friendly and result oriented course. One of my students from United Kingdom has given the following review after successfully completing the course and before starting Reiki 3rd Level (Advance Level) with me in Distance learning format ( Online Course)- " I finished 30 days Reiki & Mind Power Course (Reiki Level 1& 2) from Puran sir. I took a bit longer but I feel so confident and started giving healing to my family and friends and getting results as well. Most important thing which i liked in puran sir that what ever he promised before starting course, he kept that promise. He has full knowledge, guided through properly throughout course and he always gave quick response. Now I am going to start Reiki 3A Level with him from 21 November 2017. I believe that sir is going to guide me through this course as well. Thank you very much sir. Regards, Jagroop kaur Leicester, UK 19 November 2017
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Tibetan Bell 6 Inches
Tibetan Bell 6 Inches INR 1200 INR 1062 Tibetan Bell is an instrument to ward off negativity and create positive and peaceful energy in your home. It is very good energy enhancer. True 1436015023
7 Chakra Healing Crystal Pendant
7 Chakra Healing Crystal Pendant INR 800 INR 550 This is a crystal pendant with all the colours of Chakras and it can be used to heal the chakras or create positive vibes in your aura. False 1436025674
Crystal Pyramid 7 Chakra Healing Pyramid
Crystal Pyramid 7 Chakra Healing Pyramid INR 1000 INR 900 This is 7 Chakra Healing Pryamid for healing and creating positive vibes in your living area. True 1436027382
Crystal Pencils
Crystal Pencils INR 600 INR 500 These pair of clear quartz crystal pencils can be used to heal any ailments. They can be used to alleviate any kind of pain. True 1436115606
7 Chakra seven colours stones Pendent
7 Chakra seven colours stones Pendent INR 600 INR 450 This pendent is made up of seven colours of chakras and used to regulate and keep activated our chakras. It is very useful for maintaining good health. For payment by Debit Card, Credit card, Internet Banking please click the link below- True 1437902766
Tiger Eye Crystal Bracelet
Tiger Eye Crystal Bracelet INR 1000 INR 850 This is a crystal bracelet made out of Tiger Eye Crystal beads. Tiger Eyes treats the eyes and aids night vision, heals the throat and reproductive organs and dissolves constriction. It is helpful for broken bones. It is known to give you courage and self confidence. It also gives strength of will and also gives protection to the user.This is good for warding off negative energy and protection from any negative environment. A beautiful gift to the near and dear ones. True 1501667027
REIKI CRYSTAL GRID BOX INR 6500 INR 4000 Reiki Crystal Grid is a miraculous system to manifest anything for anybody in the universe. Reiki Crystal Grid can be used for multiple healing. It can also be used to manifest your or somebody else's desire. In this box power of crystals, pyramids and Reiki energy work together to heal or manifest anything. Because of the quality of crystals, it continuously vibrates the thoughts and emotions it receives through the technique of Crystal Grid healing which is taught in Reiki Level 3A. It is a system where universe and energies are working 24x7. This is only possible through the hidden technique of a crystal grid. In this system you can heal 100 people with different problems and manifest their desires. You heal once and it repeats the process continuously for 24 hours resulting in faster healing and manifestations. Many of my students have experience miraculous healing and greater manifestations with this Reiki Crystal Grid Healing. You will also get the full manual on how to install, charge and heal for maximum benefits. True 1437659675
Pyramid Cap Plastic Study Cap
Pyramid Cap Plastic Study Cap INR 600 INR 400 This pyramid cap is made up of plastic and has spiritual symbols on all sides. This pyramid can be worn on head like a hat while meditating. The cosmic energy gets many fold under a pyramid and that is why the dead bodies kept under the pyramid never decomposed after thousands of years. When you wear it while meditating you get tremendous amount of energy and you feel centered and relaxed after meditation. This pyramid can be used by students to increase their concentration and memory. This pyramid is worth keeping in your homes. You can keep water, medicines and other items to increase positive energy. Good for meditators. Best for students to enhance concentration, focus and memory. False 1436081611
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Reiki Bless You Foundation, F-83, Upper Ground Floor, Gali No 6, Peepal Road, Mohan Garden, Uttam Nagar, New Delhi. Visit after prior appointment only
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